Tour overview

Tamil Nadu, with its distinctive culture, is a fascinating part of south India. The state draws both tourists and pilgrims alike to its towering, intricately built temples. Beaches and hill stations are popular destinations as well. Enjoy these top tourist places in Tamil Nadu including Tirupati & Pondicherry.

TOUR COST- Rs. 42,000/- Per person.

(Excludes- 5% GST, Incidental expenses ,Rail & Air fares)


Kanyakumari – Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Gandhi Mandap, Kanyakumari Devi Temple,                        Rameshwaram – Rameshwaram Temple which is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines, Ganga poojan, 21 Kund. Madurai – Meenakshi Temple, Tiruchirappalli – Jambukeshwar Mahadev Temple, Shri Vishnu Temple, Kumbhakonam – Shiv Temple, Navgrah Temple, Tanjavur – Bhrudeshwar Temple, Chidambaram – Natraj Temple, Pondicherry – Arvind Babu Ashram, Mahabalipuram – Pandav Rath, Kanchipuram – Shiv Kanchi and Vishnu Kanchi, Vellore – Golden temple of Mahalaxmi, Tirupati – Balaji Temple, Padmavati Temple.


Yashodhan TravelsPune to Kanyakumari | Renigunta to Pune.


Yashodhan TravelsPune/Mumbai to Trivandrum | Tirupati to Pune.


Yashodhan Travels Kanyakumari to Vellore by AC bus & Vellore to Tirupati by NON AC bus
(2X2 Semi Luxury bus(A/C) for local sightseeing.) (Traveler/Innova or similar Vehicle for smaller groups.)


Yashodhan TravelsKanyakumari – 1 night(A/C), Rameshwaram – 2 nights(A/C), Madurai – 1 night(A/C), Kumbhakonam – 1 night(A/C), Tiruchirappalli – 1 night(A/C), Kumbakonam – 1 night(A/C). Pondicherry – 1 night(A/C), Kanchipuram – 1 night(A/C), Tirupati – 2 nights(A/C).


1 05-Aug-24 18-Aug-24
2 18-Sept-24 01-Oct-24
3 13-Oct-24 26-Oct-24
4 14-Nov-24 27-Nov-24
5 16-Dec-24 29-Dec-24
6 20-Jan-25 02-Feb-25
7 10-Feb-25 23-Feb-25
Important Information :

1) Climate: Warm.
2) What to shop: Silk Sarees, Handicrafts.
3) If in possession please bring Ganga water to offer at Rameshwaram.
4) Option of this tour is available exclusive of Tirupati also.

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Day 1

Departure from Pune by train to Kanyakumari.

Day 2

Train Journey.

Day 3

Arrives Kanyakumari at 12.15pm. After noon local sightseeing and overnight stay.

Day 4

Depart Kanyakumari, Arrives Rameshwaram, sightseeing and overnight stay.

Day 5

Rameshwaram, Sightseeing and Overnight stay.

Day 6

Depart Rameshwaram arrives Madurai and overnight stay.

Day 7

Depart Madurai arrives Tiruchirappalli and overnight stay.

Day 8

Departs Tiruchirappalli arrives Kumbakonam and overnight stay.

Day 9

Kumbhakonam/Tanjavur/ Chidambaram sightseeing arrives Pondicherry and overnight stay.

Day 10

Pondicherry & Mahabalipuram sightseeing and reaches Kanchipuram and Overnight stay.

Day 11

Departs Kanchipuram & Vellore and overnight stay at Tirupati.

Day 12

Sri Tirupati Balaji Temple Darshan and Overnight stay.

Day 13

Departure from Renigunta to Pune by Train.

Day 14

Arrives Pune and Tour Concludes.