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Girnar Darshan with Somnath

Girnar temple is a group of 5 peak mountain in the Sasan Gir region. Dattatraya temple is located at the peak of Girnar temple which is only residence to the footprints of God Dattatraya.   TOUR COST- Rs. 20,000/- Per person. (Excludes-...

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Yashodhan Travels Pvt. Ltd. 6 Days India
6 days

Vishesh Maharashtra Darshan

TOUR COST- Rs. 22,000/- Per person. (Excludes- GST)   PLACES TO VISIT : Grishneshwar– Shri Grishneshwar Jyotirling Temple. Shani Shingnapur- Shanidev Temple. Nevasa- Dnyandev Temple. Devgad– Shri Datta Temple. Verul - Kailas Lene. Ajanta- Ajanta cave monuments. Sindkhed Raja- Birth place of...

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Tuljapur Akkalkot Gangapur Pandharpur

TOUR COST- Rs. 14,000/- Per person. (Excludes- GST) PLACES TO VISIT : Barshi– Bhagwant Temple. Karmala- Devi Temple. Tuljapur- Tulja Bhawani Temple. Solapur– Siddeshwar Temple. Akkalkot - Shri Swami Samarth Samadhi Temple. Gangapur- Datta Kshetra on Bhima Amraja Sangam. Pandharpur- Shri Pandurang Rukmini...

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Garudeshwar to Maheshwar to Nemawar – Payi Parikrama

The sacred Narmada River, the lifeline of Central India, is worshiped as Narmada maiyya (mother) or Ma Rewa (derived from “rev” meaning leaping one). One of the five holy rivers of India, it is the only one which has the tradition of...

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11 Maruti Tour

11 Maruti temples are a set of 11 Lord Hanuman temples in Maharashtra established in 17th century by Saint Samarth Ramdas and are visited as part of a Circuit. LIST OF TEMPLES TO VISIT: Umbraj Maruti - Established 1649. Masoor Maruti -...

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